• As anyone can imagine fueling can be a hazardous thing, some important safety measures to follow are, no smoking or open flames near you, be sure your equipment is in a safe level area, make sure your fuel fill is accessible and use all necessary precautions to make sure you can get to it safely, make sure the machine is not running, never leave a fueling operation unattended, do not overfill the fuel the tank and remember to leave room in your fuel tank for fuel expansion (when the fuel gets hot it will expand and leak out if the tank is overfull). Some safety tips to remember with gasoline is to always an appropriate vented can, and when filling the can you should never due so in the bed of a truck always fill the can on the ground and make sure the fuel nozzle is in contact with the lip of the can or tank to prevent buildup of static electricity. and always be mind full of spills and what to do if there is a spill.

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