OSHA mandates periodic inspection and training on a multitude of topics. CaHill provides state-of- the-art programming and employee-oriented safety culture development for public and private organizations. Organized as a multi-tiered program, The Fine Line not only helps companies and municipalities stay compliant, but also prevents losses, reduces medical and claim costs, as well as drives down insurance rates. Our approach has had proven success delivering cultural turn arounds through an emphasis on personal accountability, hazard mitigation and technological loss control methods. Our methods are familiar enough for both management and the workforce to relate to, yet uniquely interpersonal and challenging.

Quality safety training has been proven to reduce accidents and incidents and improve the overall morale of employees. The Fine Line coupled with CAT’s S.T.A.R.T. Training system is designed to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and control safety and health hazards in the workplace
  • Encourage voluntary compliance with occupational safety and health regulations
  • Foster activities intended to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses
  • Produce value-added cost savings
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Reduce workers comp costs
  • Generate reports for brokers and underwriters
  • Create an organizational culture committed to protecting co-workers and the publicCaHill provides a full range of technical services and management consultation in the safety, environmental, and risk assessment areas. Our hands-on practical approach permits competent solutions to workplace problems through safety audits, sampling, and training.

The proactive components of The Fine Line help organizations and companies balance production and protection, keep employees and the public safe while providing recommendations on how to fix and improve internal loss control methods.