The proactive components of The Fine Line help organizations and companies balance production and protection, keep employees and the public safe while providing recommendations on how to fix and improve internal loss control methods. Ms. Hill has over a decade of experience employed in numerous roles in the field:

Laborer; operator; concrete finishing; WZTC supervisor; certified rigging; Safety and OSHA Compliance Officer; Risk Manager; incident/accident mitigation; heavy equipment logistics and maintenance oversight; employee hiring and training program; insurance brokering; Underwriting and regulatory relations

This broad range of experience allows Ms. Hill to speak truth to empowering individuals across the spectrum at any firm or municipal organization. From the entrance level trainee to the top executive, everyone gains insight into and understanding of the value of safety. Complete corporate buy-in is the goal and individuals learn to engage in the habits and routines of a highly productive, yet simultaneously protective organization.

Safety Metrics for Management/Supervision

  • Discussion of methods used to measure safety performance
  • Definition of Workers Compensation Law, State-specific information
  • Claims and Medical history management
  • Basics of OSHA record keeping requirements to track and record workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Regulations, responsibilities, data collection, forms

Emergency Action Planning

  • Help planners think outside the box in anticipating emergency situations and the response necessary for control
  • Highly competent, responsive and available 24/7 for unanticipated needs in the field, as well as incident mitigation and emergency response

Job Hazard Analysis

Accident Investigation