CaHill – Est. 2017

CaHill is a new company which was registered in New York state in May of 2017. The company was founded to help deliver on market trends toward equipment rental for municipal and governmental agencies. In addition to heavy iron, we provide our clients with access to the highest level of skills and workforce development programming. CaHill is delivering on the national need for trained, safe tradespeople to balance the anticipated federal infrastructure policies of the current administration.

Our mission is to deliver Knowledge, Iron and Safety

Our Resources

CaHill has a large equipment resource base that includes access to service and technical representatives. Offering equipment rental contracts from a complete fleet of over 300 machines and products,CaHill has the ability to rent out large, specialty equipment. Our team is capable and at the top of their field in trouble shooting the various challenges facing municipalities and public agencies tasked with addressing todays infrastructure demands.

The Right Equipment at the Lowest Prices

CaHill’s clients rent the right equipment at the lowest possible prices for their in-house fleet. We dispatch equipment efficiently and safely, allowing clients to maximize utilization at reasonable rates.

Better Logistics

CaHill provides clients with better logistics; getting the optimal equipment to each construction site in a timely manner. CaHill has the ability to pull equipment from a branch network which reaches across the Northeast. We work with experienced transportation companies to deliver equipment directly to your job site. Our record keeping system allows CaHill to monitor the use of equipment, allowing clients to maintain audit trails and track utilizations as required in many public contracts.

Knowledge & Safety

Presenting a full range of technical services and management consultation in the arenas of safety and risk assessment, CaHill helps clients reduce losses and expand employee capabilities. Engaging an approach to workforce development has delivered proven success in both cultural turn arounds and productivity increases. The firm emphasizes technical skill sharing, personal accountability, hazard mitigation and technological loss control methods. Clients will find the tactics are familiar yet uniquely interpersonal and challenging. From the entrance level trainee to the top executive, everyone gains a deeper understanding of the significance of safety.

Supporting the Future

As our company grows, CaHill will ensure a diverse market of both public and private clients. This range, along with the reservation-style approach to equipment access will create versatility, enabling the business to go where the most robust funding programs are according to highest infrastructure needs and equipment demand.

For emergency response services, we can be reached 24/7

Carley J. Hill, Owner

Ms. Hill is the owner and operator, as such she is in charge of all day-to-day operations, including sales, customer relations, logistics, dispatching, on-site follow up and billing. Through tracking of funding programs and advertisements of bid opportunities, Ms. Hill identifies leading sectors and contractors on federal and state funded projects. Through a network of professional affiliations, she works with her clients to understand their needs and provide clear solutions. Ms. Hill capitalizes on her connections with local MPOs and government agencies, closely following program funding cycles and driving forward additional funding and business opportunities for municipalities, counties and OGS.

Present Affiliations

  • Chairwoman, FAIR Committee of Western New York
    Fair Apportionment of Infrastructure Revenues for WNY
  • Regional Director, AGC of New York
    Associated General Contractors of NY
  • Member Board of Governors, AGC of America

Ms. Hill is deeply connected with her target market and has a well established reputation. The FAIR Committee works to increase the funding and project start-ups for WNY’s infrastructure.

With over a decade spent honing her skills and competency in the industry of heavy highway and civil construction, Ms. Hill has established a strong and dependable reputation across public and private circles statewide. Growing up as the third generation in a family-owned contracting business, she has gained invaluable experience in the central workings of both branches of her target market. Additionally, through her years spent in the field as a laborer, working as dispatcher and later as the safety and risk manager for the family firm, Ms. Hill has gleaned a strong foundation in the value of safety and the balance of productivity. Ms. Hill refined the trucking and mobilization structure at the firm, as well as developed an equipment notification system for reporting of equipment needs and concerns from the field. She has brokered insurance deals, reduced the claims program and refined the culture at the company by instituting a hazard, injury and loss prevention program that has helped deliver a highly competitive pricing for the companies GL and Worker’s Comp policies. She offers this brand of consulting and workforce development. delivering intelligent strategies to make the most of the company’s mission, potential, profit and sustainability.

US Federal Contractor Registration